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    In January 2016, Brightcrowns awakes to create products where
    the Technology and the Art melts into a unique Concept.
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    We are a creative company making new
    Environments of solutions and entertainment.
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    Join in the Experience.
    Community interaction and experience integration.

Games for Gamers

We take care of every detail to give a great expirience to the player.

Blow your Head off

That's our motto and our goal. Give something more to the player. Go Further.

Deep Design

Even in simple games: the story, gameplay, user expirience are very important for us.

Meet Our Team

We are gamers and we know what you feel when you start a game.
We build worlds where each player wants to be, and have fun. Get ready for those worlds.

    David Gonzalez

    / CEO / Development Director

    The Chief and Developer at the same time. The guy who put the World in motion.

    Emir Rodriguez

    / CPO / Project Designer

    Project Lead and Game Designer. The guy who saw the World before the beginning.

    Waldo Castro

    / CDO / Lead Designer

    Lead Designer. The guy with the vision and the hand to show you the World.

  • Contributors

    Designers / Developers / Testing ...

    Our people. Those who awaits great thinks from us.

What is Brightcrowns?

We are a creative technology company making new worlds
and giving new experiences to gamers.
We show the same passion for the technology than you.

Our Projects

We think our products differently. Focused on giving great experiences to our players and applications users and always listening to new ideas and user's advices.

Waldo Run! The Origin

The Epic story of a little fellow in the ancient Egypt, working to help everybody and trying to survive of its enemy.

  • Arcade & Adventure Game
  • Easy to Play
  • Explore ancient temples
  • Single player Game

Clash of the Gallaxies

Uncountable battles for the finite resources in the Galaxy bring all Nations to brink of destruction.

  • Strategy & Action Game
  • Fast & Fun to Play
  • Destroy Enemy's Base
  • PVP & Cooperative Game

The Sorcerer Book

This young sorcerer found an ancient book and a little misspell opened a Magical Door that must be closed.

  • Adventure Game
  • Gesticular Recognition
  • Fast and Easy to Play
  • Monsters & Magic

War of Demi Monsters

Giant Monsters on rampage in an already devastated World. Defend your folks and fight for survival.

  • Coming Soon
  • Strategic, Arcade & Adventure Game
  • Easy to Play
  • Giant Monsters & Big Battles
  • PVP & Cooperative Game

Phone Crusher

Did you ever think that you could go through the reality and fight as an hero against monsters?

  • Coming Soon
  • New Reality
  • RPG & Adventure Game
  • PVP & Cooperative Game
  • Awesome Experience

Codename: Sigil

A nexus between Reality and Fantasy where players can adventure for Fame and Treasures.

  • Coming Soon
  • Adventure & RPG Game
  • New Worlds
  • Cooperative Game
  • Interactive

Lastest News

Join in our community. Share your expirience with other players and users. Help us to improve our methods and show us your vision.

Choosing Unity framework

Back in 2016, we decided to use Unity for all our new developments. It gives us great tools to save time to the minimal detail.

In these years of developing in Unity we have seen the potential of the framework and we still choose it to express our designs

We are excited with a new project: Waldo Run! The Origin

We are thinking in multiples ways to do it: is it 2D or 3D? is it an arcade game or an adventure game or both? what is the main story?

War of Demi Monsters project on hold

We put on hold this project in to give focus to our other project Waldo Run! The Origin.

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Send us your comments, your concerns, your ideas.
We'll reply as soon as possible. Join in our Community Forum.

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